Ticketing and Admission Policy
  1. Please read the below terms and conditions on ticketing and admission applicable to The Metroplex Cinema (“Cinema”). By purchasing a ticket and/or entering the Cinema premises, you agree to be bound by this Ticketing and Admission Policy including any changes which may be made to the same without further notice. If The Metroplex considers or suspects that you have violated or are about to violate any terms and conditions of this Ticketing and Admission Policy (including any changes made thereto), The Metroplex has the right to refuse selling tickets to you and/or refuse your admission to or request you to leave the Cinema premises as appropriate.
  2. Tickets sold through any channel are non-refundable, non-exchangeable and cannot be re-sold.
  3. Please check the transaction amount before leaving the counters. The Metroplex will not entertain any disputes afterwards.
  4. Please present valid proof of age when purchasing Children or Senior tickets at box office and before entering the cinema house.
  5. Please present valid proof of studentship when purchasing Student tickets and before entering the cinema house *.
  6. Children tickets apply for children aged 11 or below; Senior tickets apply for people aged 60 or above; Student tickets apply for full-time students.
  7. Each ticket admits one person only. Children over 1 meter tall must hold valid tickets.
  8. You are required to present valid proof of age* before admission to category III movies, otherwise The Metroplex reserves the right to refuse your admission without any compensation.
  9. The Metroplex remains open during Typhoon Signal No. 8 or above and Black Rainstorm Warning. If you cannot attend the show by reason of such typhoon signal or rainstorm warning, please bring your tickets or the credit card being used to buy the tickets to The Metroplex box office for exchanging tickets of the same movie (subject to availability) within 7 days after the date of your movie. No refund is accepted. The Metroplex reserves right to exchange tickets of another movie. This arrangement is not applicable to house booking, private event and bulk purchase.
  10. Please do not behave in a manner that adversely impacts the reputation of The Metroplex or the enjoyment of other guests.
  11. You may bring your own 3D glasses for 3D movies. Alternatively, you can purchase 3D glasses at The Metroplex box office.
  12. No outside food and drinks are allowed in the Cinema houses.
  13. You may be required to present proof of age when purchasing alcoholic beverages*. The Metroplex will refuse to serve alcoholic beverages to any person who are underage or cannot produce, upon request, proof of age and/or appear to be intoxicated or under the influence of mind-altering substance.
  14. Unauthorised photo-taking, audio and/or video recording is strictly forbidden inside the cinema auditoriums. The Metroplex reserves the rights to hand-over persons suspected of undertaking the above-mentioned unauthorised activities to law-enforcement officials. Any unauthorised recordings, tapes, films and/or similar items may be confiscated and destroyed.
  15. Pets are not allowed in any part of the Cinema houses.
  16. The use of light emitting or ringing device (including but not limited to mobile phones, tablets and laptops) is prohibited during screening.
  17. Please be responsible for your own personal property. The Metroplex will not be responsible for any damaged, lost or stolen personal items that are brought into the Cinema premises.
  18. Smoking (including the use of electronic cigarettes or any other artificial cigarettes or smoking devices) within the Cinema premises is strictly prohibited.
  19. All audiences should be seated during the screenings.
  20. The Metroplex is not responsible for any information displayed or disseminated by any third party or for the content of any movie or advertisement that are shown on the premises.
  21. This Ticketing and Admission Policy is subject to change without prior notice.
  22. In case of any discrepancy between the English and Chinese versions of this Ticketing and Admission Policy, the English version will prevail.
  23. The Metroplex reserves the right of final decision and interpretation in the case of any dispute.

* Proof of age includes Hong Kong Identity Card, Senior Citizen Card, Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macau Residents and Passport. Proof of studentship includes full time student ID Card (excluding Lifelong Learner Card and Student Octopus Card).


VIP Metropolitans Terms and Conditions


Member Privileges:

  1. All member privileges (including member free coupon and other privileges) are credited to member account by the e-system automatically. All coupons are valid for 3 months. Member can login The Metroplex website, mobile app or Auto-Ticketing Machine to check the related privileges after the completion of membership registration or renewal. Birthday privileges will be credited to member account automatically before member’s registered birthday.
  2. Member can login The Metroplex website, mobile app or Auto-Ticketing Machine to redeem e-Coupon. Or member can redeem the paper coupon to replace the e-Coupon at the box office. Member must present the identity card for verification for coupons redemption. Paper coupon is only applicable to box office and concession counter.
  3. Member free coupon and related privileges will be deducted immediately in member’s ‘My Coupon’ account whenever the coupon barcode is being scanned at box office, concession counter or Auto-Ticketing Machine. Used coupon will not be refunded.
  4. All member privileges cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotions. All discount offers and coupons (both e-Coupon and paper coupon) are not applicable for house booking, preview, special programmes, film festivals, special screenings and films with special arrangements with film distributors. Please click here to read related Terms & Conditions for coupon usage and redemption.
  5. e-Coupon is applicable to redemption at The Metroplex box office, website, mobile app or Auto-Ticketing Machine. Online service charge will apply to e-Coupon usage for ticket purchase at website and mobile app. Online service charge of two tickets will be incurred when using “Buy-1-get-1-Free” privilege.
  6. “Buy-1-get-1-Free” privilege is only applicable to regular price ticket and can only apply to the same selected movie show. It is not applicable to membership discount and rebated as bonus points.
  7. All discount offers will be rounded up if there is decimal point.
  8. Usage of concession counter e-Coupon is not applicable to online or Auto-Ticketing Machine. Member can redeem the offers at the concession counter with the presentation of the coupon barcode displayed in the mobile app or with the submission of the paper coupon (original copy is required).
  9. Barcodes of e-Member card and e-Coupon become expired and is invalid whenever time limit is reached. Please use the new barcode generated by the system and do not use the Print Screen function to capture the barcode and share with others.

Bonus points:

  1. Bonus points will be credited with any purchase of ticket (excluding online service charge) via box office, website, mobile app or Auto-Ticketing Machine. 1 bonus point will be earned for $1 spending. Amount of bonus points earned may vary in different promotion campaigns.
  2. Member shall present the e-Member card displayed in the mobile app during ticket purchase at the box office in order to earn bonus point. Regular update and checking of the e-Member card is recommended.
  3. Bonus points will be deducted immediately whenever the coupon redemption (both e-Coupon and paper coupon) is successfully completed. Redeemed bonus points will not be refunded.
  4. No bonus point would be accumulated when using coupon for ticket and snack redemption. The bonus point scheme is not applicable to house booking, ticket bulk purchase and the purchase of concession counter snacks, gift vouchers, movie premiums and specific products. Bonus points would be granted based on the discounted amount if any member privilege is used in the transaction.
  5. Bonus points will be automatically credited to member account within 24 hours after the movie show end, except for specific promotion campaigns. Member can login The Metroplex website, mobile app or Auto-Ticketing Machine to check the bonus point record.
  6. Bonus point scheme and redemption items will be updated and changed occasionally. Member can keep track on The Metroplex website for the latest details.
  7. The Metroplex is not responsible for any potential miscalculation of bonus points due to technical problems, accidents or fraud.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Member can login The Metroplex website, mobile app or Auto-Ticketing Machine to check member privileges, bonus point record and transaction record.
  2. Member can use only one registered email address to login The Metroplex website, mobile app or Auto-Ticketing Machine.
  3. The Metroplex membership and all member privileges are not transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash or any product. The Metroplex reserves the right to request members presenting their ID card for verification.
  4. Members are required to renew the membership before the expiry date at The Metroplex box office, website or mobile app. All member privileges can be brought forward to the new membership.
  5. If member would like to cancel membership before expiry, the membership fee paid will not be refunded and all member privileges will be cancelled.
  6. In case of any violation of regulations, misuse or abuse of privileges found, The Metroplex reserves the right to terminate the membership at any time without prior warning and refuse to accept his/her application for membership again in future. The membership fee paid will not be refunded.
  7. Only after obtaining a member’s consent, we may send or contact members from time to time to share promotional or marketing information of our own or business partners’ services and products. Member has the right to opt-out from further receiving the same. Please refer to The Metroplex Privacy Policy for more details.
  8. Member shall contact The Metroplex  via email should he/ she wishes to delete the member record upon the expiry of the membership.
  9. The Metroplex reserves the final decision and the ultimate right to make any changes to all terms and conditions underlain by the membership scheme without prior notice.