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Dolby Institute Master Class (2018 Sundance HK)

Dolby Institute Master Class (2018 Sundance HK)

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An imaginative sound design and great music can transport viewers into a film in ways that no other medium can recreate. It can put us on the edge of our seats, bop our heads to the beat and make us feel like we’re inside the world of the story. Dolby Atmos creates a fully immersive three-dimensional aural experience and delivers even the subtlest sound with breathtaking clarity, detail and depth. The groundbreaking technology is already widely used on big-budget blockbusters, but how can it be used by independent filmmakers telling intimate stories?
Join Blindspotting filmmaker Carlos Lopez Estrada, a recipient of the Dolby Family Sound Fellowship, as he shows clips and talks about how sound and music and Dolby Atmos helped him tell this story.

Moderator: Glenn Kiser (Director of Dolby Institute)

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