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(2019 Sundance HK) Short Film Competition Award-Winning Shorts

(2019 Sundance HK) Short Film Competition Award-Winning Shorts

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Where Dreams Rest
Ah Wei decides to cross the U.S.-Mexico border to reunite with her husband.

The Spirit of Lion Rock: ''as you reap, so you sow''. Coming to this generation, what does it mean to us?

A Thousand Sails
Ren helps her neighbor to deliver a gift to her son and finds out that he is leading a harsh life.

16,000 splices in the making, E-Ticket is a frantic (re)cataloging of a personal archive and a rebirth to forgotten images.

The Fight Against Ebola
British water and sanitation specialist shared the challenges faced by the team working in the frontline of the Ebola outbreak in May 2018.

Sisyphus Dreaming
A man meets the bald guy who appears in his weird dreams...

Despite indulging herself in social events, Chu's home always reminds her of the long-gone family life.

The Wandering Spot
Upon the departure of Long, Ming was in grief and had a physical intimacy with a stranger.

2 girls fantasized to make a declaration. To the World.

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