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The Travelling Cat Chronicles

Director: Koichiro Miki
Cast: Sota Fukushi, Mitsuki Takahata (Voice Actress), Arisu Hirose, Yuko Takeuchi
A feral cat, Nana, had never believed in human or to get with them, except Satoru, the one always bring delicious food to Nana. One day, Nana was hit by car and seriously injured. Satoru found Nana and sent it to the clinic. Starting from that day, Nana become Satoru’s cat and family.
However, after living together for a long time, Satoru suddenly want to giveaway Nana because of a secret reason. Therefore, Satoru and Nana start their first and last journey in order to find Nana’s new owner. However, Nana don’t want to part from Satoru and not willing to open its mind to Satoru’s friends. Satoru have no idea at Nana, so they go to visit his aunt, who look after Satoru to grow up…

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