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A Lifetime Treasure

Director: Andrew LAM Man Chung
Cast: Louis CHEUNG, Ivana WONG, Sammo HUNG, Andrew LAM Man Chung, Bob LAM, LAM Suet, Teddy Robin, LEUNG Siu lung, Richard NG, TIEN Niu
In a peaceful elderly home, life goes on around these unique persons. Master (starring Andrew LAM) the caring retired doctor who spent his life travelling the world to help people and now manages this elderly home. He got help from Ching (starring Ivana WONG), a nurse who works for him in all his previous adventures. Together, they are taking care a group of lovely 5 retirees. Teddy (starring Teddy Robin) an ex-professional pickpocket, Fatty Crab (starring Sammo HUNG) a very smart ex-detective but now in a wheel chair...
The well-balanced life of the elderly home is about to be shaken, when the gangster Marvin (starring LAM Suet) an old friend of Master, trying to set up a trap to take revenge on him and take over the elderly home…

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