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Extreme Job

Director: LEE Byeong-heon
Cast: RYU Seung-yong, LEE Hanee, JIN Sun-kyu, LEE Dong-hwi, Gong-myoung
Korean Box Office’s No. 1 Film! EXTREME JOB, with more than 16 million admission, has surpassed the total admission of AVATAR, ALONG WITH THE GODS series and TRAIN TO BUSAN in Korea. The narcotics team works hard day and night, but their performance remains at an all-time low, leading them to become the ugly duckling of the police department and potentially face dismantlement. Captain KO gets intel about an international drug deal and embarks on a risky undercover mission with his entire team. In order to establish around-the-clock and up-close-and-personal surveillance, the team takes over a rundown chicken joint across the street from the drug gang’s safe house. But things take an unexpected turn when Detective MA’s yet unrevealed culinary talents begins to shine, turning the chicken restaurant famous overnight...

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