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Best of Annecy Kids 2018 (French Friday: Annecy)

Best of Annecy Kids 2018 (French Friday: Annecy)

Director: Various directors
Cast: ---
Start this visual journey with ''Brooklyn Breeze'' that will have you tapping your toes! Two characters influence each other with every move they make through their special ''Link''. Five wolf cubs are taking ''A Walk in the Woods'' and try to tease Daddy Wolf. When the ''Winds of Springs'' come, young girl decides to leave the family nest. In a forest inhabited by single-colored birds, everyone has found their place, except ''Coucouleurs''. The inhabitants of a mountain village cut off by snow await the arrival of ''The Man with Birds''. A school of fish comes to the rescue of a ''Funny Fish'' floating on the surface of the water. A teacher takes a group of mischievous children on a tour of the ''Muteum''. The ants are working together perfectly, but there is one ''Ameise'' who is doing everything differently. When a new neighbor plunges himself into Pig's quiet life, ''The Pig on the Hill'' learns that he miss having a friend. This programme is aimed at children from 6 years up.

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