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The Grand Grandmaster

Director: Dayo Wong
Cast: Wong, Annie Liu, Hiu Shiu Hung, Dickson Yuen, Catherine Chau, Chan Ka Kai, Eddie Law, Stephen Cheung Sze Kwan, Eric Tang Chi Kin, Ivana Wong, Billy Luk, Tyson Chak
Ma Fei Lung (Dayo Wong) is the 19th generation successor of his family's Thunder Fist and he calls himself the Grandmaster. He finds himself defeated by an unknown woman out in the streets one day with passersby video recording the incident. The videos go viral, turning him into an international joke and he is quickly dubbed the Grand Grandmaster. Fei Lung learns from news reporters that the woman is called Chan Tsang (Annie Liu), a western boxing legend who went 40 rounds without a loss. To reclaim his reputation, Fei Lung decides to challenge Chan Tsang to a duel. Meanwhile, Fei Lung's divorced wife Mei (Catherine Chau) continues to manipulate him and leaves him emotionally drained. As the day of the duel draws near, Fei Lung is unable to concentrate and must find a way to win.

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