The Gangs, the Oscars, and the Walking Dead

Director: Pin-Chuan Kao
Cast: Roy Chiu, Ti-Yang Huang, Yi-Ti Yao, Han-Tien Chen
Producer BS (Roy Chiu) and his long time director friend Wenxi (Ti-Yang Huang) have always dreamt to make it big in movie industry. The duo has been working together for more than a decade, but nothing’s ever successful. They treat the filming of ceremonies, weddings and funerals, like a movie, with drones and all, but they still struggle financially. They even work for the mob to pay their debts.

One day, their creditor and the mob boss Brother Long (Shao-Hua Long) suddenly takes an interest in Wenxi’s script. He only has one condition: to let his wife Shanny (Yi-Ti Yao) be the leading actress. Their break has come! They are finally appreciated! BS and Wenxi grab the chance and take the offer, and they party all night long to celebrate. After they sober up, they find the leading actress floating in the swimming pool, dead...

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