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Cu-Bop Across the Border (A Taste of Cuba: Mini Film Festival)

Director: Shinichi Takahashi
Cast: ---
Cubans are said to have music flowing in their blood, and despite the prolonged economic blockade induced by the United States, Cuba's traditional music with African beats still finds its way across the border, and continues to flourish in New York, and has been merging seamlessly with modern jazz. The film tracks down two Cuban jazz musicians: Axel Tosca, a jazz pianist who had left home since childhood and now actively playing in Brooklyn bars; and Cesar Lopez, a saxophonist who is well-known in the jazz circle. The camera stays close to the everyday life of the two musicians following them into remote Cuban villages and Brooklyn night clubs, where they perform, practice and create their own jazz. Axel’s home journey experiences a few dramatic twists, and it is an ourburst of full passion in the finale concert, when everyone put in their utmost into the music.

Post Screening Talk - 19/5 (Sat)

Speaker: Fung Lai Chi (Hong Kong Music Critic)

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