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Half the Picture (Sundance Friday: Women Power)

Half the Picture (Sundance Friday: Women Power)

Director: Amy Adrion
Cast: ---
It’s 2018, the necessity of discussions surrounding women filmmakers and Hollywood’s gender bias should have diminished by now. But within the first few moments of Half the Picture, it is abundantly clear that discrimination against women filmmakers remains a highly relevant story. This is a fundamental civil rights issue: women in the industry are not offered equal opportunities as compared to their male counterparts.
Gender-parity experts and academics discuss Hollywood’s dismal employment practices, and these conversations are woven between interviews with a wealth of prominent women directors telling their stories of breaking into a male-centered business. They confirm the double standards that still exist while eloquently outlining their career paths, their struggles, and their hopes for the future.

**2/11 Post-screening Sharing
Jessey Tsang (HK Film Director)

**30/11 Post-screening Sharing
Kearen Pang (HK Film Director)

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