Panasia Cinema Advertising Limited is the exclusive advertising sales representative of The Metroplex.

For any enquiry about advertising, please contact: (852) 2352 8316

Advertising Opportunities 

  • Screen Advertising
  • In-Foyer Display
  • Video Wall Advertising
  • Product Sampling and Flyer Distribution at Box Office
  • Popcorn and Drink Container Advertising
  • Advertising Sticker
  • Light box Advertising


Key Benefits of Screen Advertising

  • Consistent audiences and constantly improving venues
  • Captive environment
  • Darkened cinema auditorium heightens audience's attention
  • Easier to absorb the message through the relax entertainment
  • Strong impact (big picture, sound effect)
  • Uncluttered media environment
  • High recall ratio
  • Audience with high disposable income and well educated
  • Niche marketing opportunities through targeting specific movie titles
  • Extremely cost effective for longer length commercials